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Our Promise

Soft Linens specializes in luxury bed linens made in the USA. Stitch by stitch, made to perfection by 100% US craftsmen from carefully sourced raw fabrics imported from Egypt, India, and Pakistan. Each piece is specially designed, along with unique bedding sizes, and are customizable in large quantities.

Owned by Royal Plaza Textiles, a leading home textiles manufacturer and importer since 1999, Soft Linens is backed by years of expertise, specializing in carefully woven bed linens with over 10,000+ active products spreading across a wide spectrum of online stores and marketplaces.

All products come with a 90-day warranty against any manufacturer defects. If in the first 90-days of normal use you discover something wrong in the sewing or fabric defects we will replace your defective item for free.

We believe in quality bed linens that is accessible. Our promise to you is to deliver exceptionally comfortable bed linens at the lowest possible price, shipped to your door, backed by 23+ years of textiles experience, and topped with our exceptional customer service.

We hope you find the perfect piece for your home here.

Soft Linens
California, USA